Awards & Testimonials

AMEB Eva Lines Memorial Prize:

  • 2009 – Luke McDonough
  • 2010 – Melanie Doecke
  • 2011 – Laura Zdanowicz
  • AMEB Grade 5 Singing for Leisure Prize: 2010 – Jacinta Kaesler
  • AMEB Grade 4 Piano for Leisure Prize: 2013 – Janek Rutzen


To be able to read music and play the piano has been at the top of our Wish List for as long as we can remember but this is only the second time in my life that I have had access to a music teacher. The first time was in my teens when I lived at Port Elliot and an elderly lady offered to teach me, but threw her hands in the air and refused to go on with the lessons when she realised I wasn’t reading the music but rather playing the tunes from memory.

When Jack and I retired from farming and moved to Loxton we were delighted to discover Music Alive and that Karyn conducted lessons for people of all ages and abilities.

We realised, that it was a case of now or never if we were to fulfil our life long dream of playing the piano so we went into Music Alive and had an interview with Karyn and came out with lesson times arranged, a music book and keyboard. That was September 2014 and we have been enjoying the challenge ever since thanks to Karyn’s patience and guidance as we navigate our way through the world of sharps and flats and their many associates.

Also, as we are now in our senior years we are encouraged to keep our brain active and learning to play the piano is an excellent brain exercise. We practice every day and find it is a great way to start the day.

Music is such a valuable skill and features in our everyday life and most people cherish the idea of being able to play a musical instrument. Jack and I are extremely grateful to be able to see a lifelong dream come true thanks to Music Alive

Margaret S. (Student)

This music school is amazing.
Helen B.

Amazing that we have a music school of such quality right here in Loxton.

Julie N

Thanks Music Alive for your fantastic effort travelling to Pinnaroo weekly so our children can learn music.

Lelle S

A passion for music and a love of teaching is ‘shared’ by all of the Staff at Music Alive.

Gillian C.

A wonderful service with great teachers.

Merylyn R



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