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We also teach at the following schools:

Loxton Lutheran

St Alberts Catholic Loxton

Pinnaroo Primary

Kingston on Murray Primary

Moorook Primary

Rivergum Christian College

Waikerie Lutheran

Waikerie Primary

  • Instrument (if appropriate)
  • Lesson Books
  • Activity book or folder
  • Diary

All of the above should be in a bag to keep them together and protected from water bottles etc.

If you forget to bring your books to lesson, do not panic! There are other activities we can do to fill the lesson. But forgetting them regularly will be counter-productive so please try to bring them each week.

Once you enrol for a term you have effectively book a teacher each week at the same time for 10 weeks. The teacher will provide professional tuition on an individual or group basis depending on your choice at enrolment. Depending on the instrument you have chosen you will learn: technique, note reading, theory, aural, sight reading, rhythm, harmony and instrument maintenance.

Each lesson is specifically aimed at you and your unique learning styles. At Music Alive we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to each student’s requirements. We spend time establishing a relationship with each student, learning specific ways to motivate each child.

Generally, the more you practice, the faster you will improve. However, cramming in an hour before your lesson each week is not as effective as 10 minutes each day. Regularity is the key. For younger beginners 5-10 minutes a day will suffice, intermediate level players should be practising 20-30 minutes a day and senior high school students may need 1-2 hours.

Parental assistance is crucial in maintaining a good weekly practice plan. Your child will leave their lesson with their weekly assignments written in their diary. Your help in ensuring these tasks are completed and a good practice schedule is established will ensure continued improvement and therefore value for money. The home environment is also important in your child’s musical development. A good quality instrument provided in a quiet and comfortable room is a necessary starting point. A supportive and encouraging approach to practice will help, and being interested in what they are practicing can help. Also, being aware of how many after-school activities your child is involved in and ensuring their schedule is not so cram-packed that they have neither time or energy to practice effectively.

All invoices, newsletters and general information will be sent to you via email. Please ensure your email address is kept up to date. Sending a paper invoice will incur a surcharge.

If your child is unable to attend their scheduled lesson a text message to 0414 253 956 would be appreciated.

Any other communication can be made through the student’s diaries or call us to set up an appointment with the teacher or director for more serious issues.

You are welcome to sit in on your child’s lesson at any time.

Our main recital is held at the end of Term 4. This is a more formal presentation on stage with a large audience. We encourage all students to perform at this event and we add prizes, presentations and games to make it a friendly atmosphere. Students are encouraged to still be a part of the audience and perhaps ease their fears to be able to perform the following year. There are various smaller performances during the year which you will be made aware of as they occur.

This is an option that is currently available for Singing, Piano, Guitar and Trumpet students.  Each year the Adelaide University sends an examiner to Loxton and we enter students into exams in all grades and diplomas.  This involves preparation during the year of pieces, scales, sight-reading, aural exercises and general knowledge.  Entry into an exam is done only with parental consultation as the AMEB charges are significant.  Online Theory exams are available for students all through the year.  Our students are prepared by extremely experienced teachers and generally receive outstanding results and even State Prizes.  Certificates are presented at the Christmas Recital.

It is really important that you have a good quality instrument to practice on.  Many people think that a cheap instrument is fine to start on to see the level of commitment of the student before purchasing something better.  However, the inferior sound quality of so many cheap instruments is the reason so many students don’t practice.  They simply don’t like the sound they are making at home. 

If you would prefer not to purchase an instrument straight away, then please consider hiring a good quality instrument instead.  Music Alive has Yamaha instruments Keyboards, Guitars, Drum kits and Trumpets for hire at very reasonable terms for students.

We are also authorized resellers of Yamaha new instruments. Yamaha is a high quality, Japanese based company which has been making musical instruments since 1887.  We teach on Yamaha instruments and I personally own a Yamaha piano.  They have superior technology and hold their value.  Other brands we would recommend are Kawai, Roland, Korg and Technics.  There are many cheap Chinese-made instruments which are inferior in technology – Let Karyn know if you would like more information.

Remember, our students all receive 10% off all purchases (including instruments) from our store.

Casual Individual Lesson (all instruments)- $36 pp per lesson (30 minute lessons)

Individual Lessons (all instruments) – $295 pp per term (30 minute lessons)

Junior Teacher Casual Lessons (all instruments) – $30 pp per term (30 minute lessons)

Junior Teacher Lessons (all instruments) – $245 pp per term (30 minute lessons)

Paired/Group Lessons – $245 pp per term (30 minute lessons)

Paired Sibling Lessons – $215 pp per term (30 minute lessons)

Mini Musicians Group – $195 pp per term (40 minute lessons)

Please remember that this is a payment by term basis, not payment per lesson. Our teachers are committing that time slot for you every week of term regardless of whether you are there or not. There will be no credit given for missed or forgotten lessons.

Credit will be given in the following situations:

  • If the teacher is unable to attend a lesson
  • For school closure days when no lessons at school are possible (lessons will continue as normal after school on school closure days)
  • For public holidays

Books and exam fees are added to each invoice as needed and we will try to let you know these fees in advance.

Accounts will be emailed 4 weeks before the start of each term. Payment for each term must be received before the 1st lesson of term. No payment by lesson 1 = no lessons given.  Reminders will be sent after the due date but lessons will not begin until payment is completed. Accounts left unpaid will be referred to our lawyer for settlement by the court.

If you cannot make payment by lesson 1 you are welcome to complete a part payment plan application and we will debit your credit card in regular amounts during the term. Please complete this application before the due date on your invoice so that lessons can begin as normal.

Payment methods:

  • Direct Debit – bank details are on the account
  • Cash – securely sealed via the student or in store
  • Cheque – either by mail or via the student

Eftpos (Credit, Cheque or Savings) in person or over the phone

Your Enrolment into Music Alive is confirmation that you accept the terms and conditions as listed in this Information Pack.



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